Monday, 23 March 2015

♥ Birds Quilling has been a long time i didn't dropped anything here since the last project i'd made (cup cakes containers)..

About a month ago, i made a quilled birds  on a requested from my mother. She wanted me to make a couple of birds and put them in a frame, as a gift to her old acquaintance who lived in Australia.

Babbate made a good relationship with my aunty since they met together in 1976 in Hulu Kelang. At that time, Babbate came to Malaysia with her only one daughter (Vanessa) and they made a trip to Zoo Negara together. Until now, she still writing letters and sending gifts to my aunty. 

It was my first ever creation on making birds, not a good creation, very simple but i still hope that Babbate will like it!!!

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